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Life sometimes presents challenges where we feel alone. Do you feel isolated? Misunderstood? Do you fear being criticized or labeled? Many people believe their problems should be handled alone so they don't burden others. Group therapy, however, is grounded in the power of social support and mutual understanding.

By nature, human beings are social organisms. We depend on one another for our survival. The family is the most basic social grouping. Therapeutic process groups utilize the combined experience and energy of group members to catalyze learning and transformation. Group Therapy offers
benefits that individual therapy does not.

GroupTherapyPortland.com promotes the practice of group therapy with specific listings for groups lead by Douglas Johns, LCSW in Portland, Oregon. Please feel free to call me with any questions you have at 503-252-3739. My group practice address is 811 NW 20th Ave., Suite 304, Portland, Oregon 97209. Conveniently located in northwest Portland, I am a short drive from Beaverton, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington. If you would like information about my therapy practice with individuals, please go to my website www.CompassionateWay.com.